Dupont Rescue Experience 2016 Recap

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Fall is a special time for our team, it generally means we’re a bit more active as more people are enjoying the outdoors, but it also means it’s time for the Dupont Rescue Experience held in the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. We simply call it “Dupont” and the Cherokee County Georgia Search and Rescue team has attended the event for the last 5 years.


The learning you experience at Dupont is two-fold; one, throughout the 48 hour event an incident management team or IMT is setup for several training scenarios that are staged throughout the Dupont State Forest that individuals or teams can participate in and two, classroom based and interactive training classes are offered simultaneously giving each participant a unique curriculum of their choosing. Food is provided for the weekend and shelter is provided by the participants in order to simulate a true search scenario.

Every year, by chance, Dupont experiences some kind of odd weather or natural event that adds an additional layer of realism to the experience. Two years ago, the temperatures plummeted to 18 degrees, last year, it was rain. This years event, which took place November 11 through 13, wildfires were spreading throughout the southeast. Regardless of the challenge, participants always endure the elements, which brings us to one of the classes that Dupont offers—survival.

This is the second year that representatives of Cherokee County Georgia SAR have taught the survival class at Dupont. Jonathan Morris, “JJ,” and Trent Manning put together a brand new curriculum for the students ranging from essential tools and gear, to improvised shelter and fire craft.

Students were quizzed on their survival knowledge.


Several shelters were on hand with accompanying fire lays.

file_003 file_002

The team left with hand crafted batoning sticks made during the latter half of the class.



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Dupont Rescue Experience 2016

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