Field Training – Survival Techniques

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JJ Morris and Alpha squad spent several additional outside training hours learning new survival skills and techniques to prepare for this September’s team training. The curriculum included improvised shelter building, fire craft, improvised medicine, and water filtration/treatment.

Sheltering: The goal was to demonstrate several different methods of setting up a shelter within a 5min time period using equipment in the team member’s pack. This could be tarps, ponchos, emergency blankets, and any combination thereof…


Fire craft: Kevin and JJ outlined the key elements in creating fire, finding effective natural and manmade tinder, and breaking down basic techniques and tools for processing firewood.


Improvised Medicine: JJ took the team through a handful of easily identifiable plants in our area and their uses ranging from the soothing of an upset stomach to cleansing a wound.

Water Treatment/Filtration: Trevor went over the risks that lurk in unfiltered and untreated water and described the various methods for removing those living and chemical contaminants.



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FTX 9/24/16 – Survival Techniques